Shirley Shalom Cohen

Shirley Shalom Cohen

"The Sound of Sunlight"

Shirley was born to a deaf family who dreamed of having a deaf baby, just like them. The only problem was, she could hear. She became a living bridge between the hearing and deaf communities and now lectures across the country on tolerance and understanding.

Short Bio

Shirley grew up as the only hearing member of four deaf members in the family. Today she is married and a mother of three.

She provides coaching and guidance to deaf families to improve their communication skills.   

Shirley is a passionate lecturer on the importance of tolerating and understanding the world of the deaf. This is all possible since she comes from a very unique family. For the last three years she has been lecturing to various hearing audiences in both the private and public sectors.

 Shirley left the Hi-tech world to become a mediator between the hearing and signing worlds, she attempts to increase the awareness of the hearing people and teaching them various ways how to tolerate the deaf and accept the different based on her unique, touching story with a healthy sense of humor.