TEDx Shenkar Organizers

Lead Organizers

Mel Rosenberg, Ph.D

Mel Rosenberg, Ph.D.  has been a public speaker since the age of thirteen.  He has lectured at three TEDx events and other international venus, has hosted TEDxYouth and has authored three TED-Ed animations. He is a successful inventor, university professor, scientist, entrepreneur, children’s book writer and musician. He currently serves as Advisor to the President of Shenkar College where he manages the Keter Innovation Center in Engineering and Design in Memory of Joseph Sagol. 

Roi Shternin

TEDx Shenkar Lead Organizer - Roi Shternin

Roi Shternin is In one of the founders of the TEDx community in Israel A TEDx Speaker and Mentor. he is the founder of several start-ups, including the lifesaving app “Help+”, designed to help the public, specifically the deaf and hearing-impaired, to call for help in time of need, and Doqme, an app that strive for a better medical treatment through better patient-doctor communication. Roi also established the NGO’s: “LaBriut!”  and the “Project Hearts” After self-diagnosing himself with a rare and untreated syndrome, Roi has dedicated himself to empower people. He embarked on a journey to revolutionized medicine, making healthcare accessible to anyone, anywhere. Roi regularly lectures and shares his journey with audiences around the world.