Gaia Steinberg

Gaia Steinberg

"Is sex the glue in our relationships?"

Gaia discovered, at the age of sixteen, that they* were asexual.

Gaia is now researching the asexual community as part of their graduate studies. In Gaia’s talk they discuss asexuality and the wider context of human relationships.

* Gaia wishes to use the gender-neutral pronouns (singular they/them) common with individuals who prefer to not be gendered, such as gender variant, transgender, and others.

Short Bio

Gaia Steinberg is a queer activist and one of the leaders of the asexual community in Israel. Gaia’s work mainly consists of talks and workshops on sexuality and gender, with the belief that face-to-face conversations will bring about change. After discovering the asexual community at 16, Gaia was exposed to a new world that did not fit the romantic narrative told in movies. In their talk, Gaia will lead you through a journey of alternative relationships and untouched worlds of intimacy, bringing forth the messages the asexual discourse holds for relationships in general.