Caterina Preti

peaker TEDx Shenkar - Caterina Preti

"Philosophy and innovation - Useless questions, useful answers"

How do you get to lead innovation at a major international company at the age of thirty? You study something ‘useless’ (philosophy) and learn to ask questions that appear (at least ostensibly) to be irrelevant. Caterina shares her quest to discover the unexpected. Isn’t that what innovation is all about?

Short Bio

Caterina is Innovation and Business Development Director within Turner, a WarnerMedia company, where she is responsible for identifying, developing and executing new growth opportunities in the digital and consumer space. She’s particularly involved in identifying ways of addressing new audiences, uncovering their latent needs and desires and identifying new ways to address them using new media, technology and the company’s unique assets. 

Her previous experience includes roles at The Boston Consulting Group as well as various positions developing start-ups in the media, tech and retail sectors.